ROLF CARLOS KLAUSENER was born in Montréal and raised in Mali, rural Québec and Ottawa. He spent his early childhood listening to ABBA and Paul Simon records on his suitcase-record player. By seventh grade he had already dabbled in voice for stage, piano and violin, until he discovered guitar and bass in 1993. Currently, he is an active member of several notable musical acts including the Recoilers and Greenfield Main on the Kelp Records label, which he helps manage. In 2002, he began recording solo sound collages and now heads his own experimental pop band, The Acorn. Since 2004, he has toured extensively with The Acorn in support of his first full-length recording The Pink Ghosts, which continues to receive critical acclaim. In addition to music, Rolf works as a professional graphic designer, produces music documentaries for CBC Radio and loves camping.




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