BENJAMIN ANTHONY GOODWIN WELLAND was born near Morewood, Ontario. His parents raised him on a country farm; complete with barns and fields, though neither of them were farmers. It was the aesthetic of rural settings that drew his family to this lifestyle. In 1990, Ben's mother and father took all of their savings and brought their three sons on a yearlong camping trip, which would bring them all over North America, and as far as Australia and the South Pacific. It was on this trip, at the ripe old age of ten, that Ben first started taking photographs and began considering them as art. Later, Ben moved to Ottawa and received a diploma in 2000 from the Algonquin College Photography Program. Ben, has since become a notable freelance photographer for dance groups, theatre groups, newspapers and magazines, in both Ottawa and Montreal. Ben's images are reminiscent of typical colourful "Canadiana". His photographs are best expressed as "thought-o-graphs"; a word that he feels captures not only the concept of the photographer's ‘mind's eye’, but also touches on the possibility that human thoughts can be photographed.




Aaron McKenzie Fraser
Darcy Lyndon Fraser
Rolf Klausener

Ben Welland


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